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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Pc Soft] iTools English Version 2012-0216E


 iTools English newest version was released on Feb. 16th. The new version is iTools 2012 Beta 0216, and there are many improvements on the basis of former version. The following are some new features.

What's New:

1. Add iTunes backup management.

2. Add Time of apps added into iTools app lib. Now can be sorted by time.

3. Optimize FileSystem.

4. Now the Folder can be removed properly from Favorite

5. Add Path to shortcut the location

6. Brand new Plist editor

7. Add tag color

8. Add shortcut key like F5 for refresh, Ctrl+D for export, Ctrl+S for save, Ctrl+Z for reversal.

9. Now music can be sorted by ID3 track No.

10. IOS 4.3.3 SMS restoring won't create new dialog.

11. Optimize Picture loading speed.

12. Solved iTunes incompatible problem.